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hey, my name is lizza (14) and i'm from brazil. i have a sick obsession with logan wade lerman. by more than others think me stupid so fuck it. Ilove and that 's what keeps me alive , and believe me, I'llfight forit until the end . I created this just to follow the tumblr fans logan. do not come here to curse or something. Respect is good and I like it, because education we learn at home. I have no words to express what I feel for him. is not like saying that I love and that is enough, no. if I could understand my thoughts and my heart and could measure the size of affection and love I feel, I even talk to the whole world, and yet would not be enough. not need to prove anything to anyone, and even though to many it is a stupid thing, I'm fucked for what you think. "he makes me happy ... he makes me want to smile all the way along. ♥"

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